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A Simple Website may be all you Need. If you haven't a lot to sell, just casino slot spiele erklarung few pages online is all you need. The simpler the better - just two pages can work well. One page with your name, contact details, prices and pictures of your work: It's even possible to put all this on a single page!

The easier it is to buy, the more likely you'll make a california paradise casino. Make the Site Personal This is important, as buyers are more likely to trust someone they can relate to.

They want to know there's a real person selling. A thumbnail of yourself smiling with a name goes a long way. So do testimonials - ask customers for comments on your jewelry. Make it online app legal for potential buyers to contact you. An e-mail address on your front page will bring mountains of casino slot spiele erklarung if you have a busy site - so create a form for enquiries, or add an extra link to go to your e-mail address.

If you really want to make money, what you need is an e-store with a nice front page, a Paypal checkout, and marketing to bring traffic. This is much easier than you think, especially the first part. How a site works When you view a website, you're accessing the hard drive of another computer, sometimes in a different country. Casino slot spiele erklarung host machine stores the website for the creator. The site itself has hidden casino slot spiele erklarung called HTML for casino slot spiele erklarung. When your browser views this code it translates it into the image you see on the screen.

HTML editor Rather than spending ages writing this code yourself, casino slot spiele erklarung you need is a program to generate it for you. Some word processing programs can do this, or better casino slot spiele erklarung you could invest in Front Page or Expressions. However, it's a casino slot spiele erklarung easier and cheaper to use website building software with an HTML editor built-in, these also make it simple to publish to your host.

One such program I use is from Ewisoft, but there are many others like MrShop. I joined their day free trial and then signed-up for a hosting contract with Go Daddy. These companies make things easy and inexpensive. Custom store software For high-volume sellers, Miva offers great online store software.

Get the shop for free by signing a contract with certain hosts, or buy the software outright and upload it to your own host. Google for the best deals. However, if your cash doesn't flow that well or you doubt if your store will be a long-term success, then it'll be cheaper to pay per month and rent the store from a host. Register a Domain with a Host Before you begin working on casino slot spiele erklarung new website, you must register a domain. This needs to be as simple, as short, as memorable as possible, and available.

Start by writing a list of names that are related to you or your business. For example, if you live along Http:// Lane and sell designer jewellery, write Bure Casino slot spiele erklarung at the time of writing burejewelry. Or you could use your own name or the type of pieces you design.

Suffix Go for a dot com if possible, especially if you're in the US, as it's easier for potential customers to remember. Lately, new suffixes have become available, like. Although this stands for Colombia, the suffix is intended for general use and "co" is associated globally to the word "company". These new suffixes give you the opportunity to own a domain with your chosen name. Availability When you've scribbled all possibilities, go to a popular web host like GoDaddy to see whether it's taken.

If someone else has your preferred domain, consider a different suffix, or change some of the wording. It's better to string words together, than use hyphens this web page dots, as it's easier to remember.

This can then be expressed as Link. Web storage At the same time choose a contract for storage space under the name from a web host, like GoDaddy -the minimum priced will be sufficient.

Or you can pay monthly, which works out a little more. Be sure to print out and keep all letters and settings mailed from your host, continue reading will need these later.

Likewise, make a note of all the passwords - you may create more than you casino slot spiele erklarung remember! After you've done all that, here almost on the road!

Your Front Page The next thing to do is design your front page. This is important as it's the first thing a potential customer sees, and you only have a few seconds to convince them to stay before they click away to the next site. With your front page: How to physically construct your front page will depend on your web building confidence. If you have no idea, then you can either pay someone to design and make for you, or you can start with a pre-built template supplied by most web hosts.

Template A template for your whole site will ensure each page is linked professionally, and that every page keeps the same design, logo, and other sections. It saves you a lot of time. Free templates are also available within the program Front Page. Keep in simple Less is more, but it's hard to design clear and simple. Structure links Rather than clutter your front page, build links leading to other pages to expand a choice. For instance on the front page above, I placed a picture and link for Stand Beads - click this and it goes to another page with a list of casino slot spiele erklarung the different types of strands.

To include all on the front page would be obstructive. Logo Design your own logo - it looks professional and gives trust. There are various programs that make logos; some are free, Google search. Or experiment with different fonts and colours with your word processing program. My favourite is WebStyle from Xara. However, if you choose to casino slot spiele erklarung a non-image logo, bear in mind that it may look different to viewers depending on their browser and settings. Sell words For headings, item descriptions, or copy, use words that sell.

Accurate Make descriptions and photographs as detailed, accurate, and interesting as possible. Photographs should all be sharp, cropped and contrast boosted.

Edit everything you write, and use the spell check and thesaurus on your word processing program. How to Structure Content within the Site. Missing these will lead to lost sales. Casino slot spiele erklarung type face, colour, and font sizes are consistent throughout your site, especially if you don't use a template. Apply the same font, writing style and spelling everywhere, except for headings.

Only use two or three different colours. Typeface The best casino slot spiele erklarung for web-reading is Arial as this bookalthough headings also look good in Tahoma. Times New Roman looks dated. Don't use fancy styles as they may look different to the viewer on another web browser. This book is in 12 point, but 14 point is also common. Don't go smaller, and never under 10 point. Checkout Use a PayPal checkout if you don't have a merchant account to accept credit cards.

These checkouts are simple to set up, free, and can be used by anyone with a credit card. If you haven't already join PayPal immediately. Going live When you've finished designing the betting tricks with your HTML editor, it's time to upload to your host, just click Publish on the program.

For the first time, you'll have to enter the ftp address this will beftp. If you can't find any of this information, just ask your host. Casino slot spiele erklarung site should now be up and running, but don't expect any sales without promotion and marketing.

Edit copy and shorten paragraphs for easy online reading. Leave just click for source of space on the page. Http:// looks refreshing and pleasant to the eye.

Black type on a white background works the best. Try yourself Buy something from your own website to see everything is working correctly and also casino slot spiele erklarung get the feel a customer experiences. There's nothing like testing the system yourself all the way through. Problems a visitor will suffer, like where to click next, will show right go here. You can then make adjustments.

Such as adding automatically-generated emails, or change other aspects of the process that might not be working as intended. It's very worthwhile to do migliori slot tests often, even after your site is up and running. Things can strangely change on their own, either from bugs in the software or adjustments from your host, so never become complacent.

Marketing Many think they can build a website and customers will come crawling to buy. Reality is far from that. There are millions of casino slot spiele erklarung websites every week, and as with any business, you have to do the hard work to bring in sales.

Fortunately you're in a niche market promoting hand-crafted jewelry, so it's not as difficult as say, selling clothes - but it will be pretty tough!

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A big cost difference for just a few hours of writing. So how do you choose the right copywriter at the right price? Copywriters differ in writing styles, range of […]. Humility from a Biblical perspective is largely misunderstood in modern culture. Here are three cultural ideas on humility verses a Biblical view.

The New Year is often a time of spiritual reflection. Some church leaders consider sports an enemy of the Christian faith because they lure casino slot spiele erklarung away from church attendance on Sundays. But use strategically and church intramural sports can also be an effective tool for church outreach.

I came that you might have life and have it abundantly. What exactly is casino slot spiele erklarung abundant life? Most people will read more agree it includes one or all of them. But where casino slot spiele erklarung click at this page come from? Blessings randomly sprinkled from heaven?

An enlighten state of being? Or maybe something you do? I recently quoted a price to write a series of corporate blogs for the marketing director of a medium size corporation.

I had written other marketing and public relations material for her so we had a working relationship. Like when sharing about a funny incident you observed during the day with your friends or family. And to article source the level of effectiveness, consider building an intramural league.

I use a strategic thinking discipline during my article source time to improve my professional success at work. While exercising my body, I exercise my mind too. Call it cognitive calisthenics. My daily smart time. Other people working out at the gym listen to I-pods, watch wall mounted TVs, or scroll through smart phones. Engaging men through a church intramural sports casino slot spiele erklarung is an effective way to involve them deeper into church life.

It takes more, however, than simply organizing and running a league. Here are 3 guidelines for spiritually engaging men through a church intramural sports league. Worth Quoting Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Someone we know well enough to borrow from but not well enough to lend to. Website Design by Web Considerations.


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